Bed Assembly

Lodgepole Pine:

Headboards –

The headboards are designed to be used with your existing metal Hollywood bed frame.  The base of the headboard is flattened to allow the frame to fit flush against it.  To secure your frame to the headboard, simply drill pilot holes into the headboard with your frame up against it and drive the screws through the frame into the headboard.  We recommend using a washer per screw to achieve a more secure fit between your frame and headboard.  We include four sets of screws and washers with every pine headboard we sell.


Complete Beds (Single Rail) –

The complete beds come with full log rails, 2x4s and four 9/16″ deep-socket lag bolts and washers. We recommend to use a hand socket ratchet to tighten the bolts.  The box spring rails are numbered and the box spring supports are lettered for ease of assembly.  The headboard has a “1” in one hole and a “2” in the other.  Place the respective numbers on the rails that are marked in the headboard and footboards.  The 2x4s are marked with an “A”, “B”, and “C” and are placed in their corresponding slots on the rails.  We recommend placing the 2×4 supports in the slots before the rails are bolted in to prevent the rails from turning as the bolts are tightened to the head and footboards.  King, Queen and Full (double) beds all come with a center support for the center rail.  All the beds are designed to be easily disassembled in the event of  a change of flooring or relocation and re-assembled just as easily as before.  Our complete beds are designed to have the box spring and mattress placed directly on top of the mattress supports.  No need for a metal Hollywood bed frame or additional support!

A platform bed design is available for those who just have a mattress only (no box spring used).  The beds are assembled in the same manner as our complete beds with a standard box spring and mattress design with the addition of a custom Oriented Strand Board (OSB) platform (available at an additional charge).  The side rails are raised higher off the ground to compensate for the lack of box spring in order to allow the overall height of the mattress to be the same as the standard bed.


Bunk Beds-

The bunk beds are assembled similarly to the pine complete beds.  There are a total of six rails.  Four rails are used as the mattress supports and are numbered “1”, “2”, “3” and “4” on one end.  These are matched up to the corresponding numbers in the holes in one of the headboard/footboards.   The 2x4s are marked with an “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “E” and “F” and are placed in their corresponding slots on the rails.  The other two rails are used as safety rails for the top bunk.  These are labeled “5” and “6” and match up to the numbered holes in one of the headboard/footboards.  Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is then placed on each set of mattress supports, in lieu of a box spring or bunky board.  The mattress is placed directly on the OSB after it is secured to the mattress supports with the provided screws.


Aspen or Pine (Double Rail):

The aspen complete beds feature a double-rail bed frame.  They are a little wider than the traditional bed frames, as the box spring sits inside the double rails.  The lower of the two side mattress rails are used to hold the box spring and mattress and the upper rails are used to stabilize the entire bed unit as well as enhance the look of the bed.  These lower side mattress rails have holes in them to receive the round pine pole mattress supports.  For assembly, place the round mattress supports in their appropriate holes in the side mattress rails (when necessary, these are numbered for identification). When all round pine pole mattress supports are inserted into the side rails, the unit will look like a ladder.  Pick up the entire unit and place the side rails into the lower holes in the headboard.  Next, we recommend placing the upper rails in the upper holes in the headboard.  Insert all four rails into the footboard.  When this step is complete, manually tighten all the bolts with a hand-held deep-socket ratchet (washers are also included). We also recommend using a rubber mallet to get the rails as far into the headboard and footboard as possible.