Care and Maintenance

All of our furniture is sealed with each craftsman’s preferred indoor finish.  Unless specified, our wood furniture is not designed for outdoor use.  The sun is the worst enemy on wood furniture.  If the wood furniture is going to be placed outside, we recommend treating it like you would a deck; a spar-var or some sort of UV protectant finish will need to be applied.  A periodic check of the furniture is recommended to see how the furniture is faring in the weather.


It is possible to get some of our pine furniture unfinished, but we highly recommend to put your own finish on soon after, as the wood will absorb any sort of moisture or hand oils and potentially warp.  This is especially true with furniture with drawers (nightstands, dressers) because the drawers could no longer work and stick.  When the furniture is unfinished, you can put your own stain on if you so desire and then seal it.


With our furniture, care and maintenance is simple: just dust!  All that is necessary is to dust as you normally would in your home.  Products such as Pledge or Scott’s Liquid Gold are also fine to use.  When the furniture is sealed with the indoor finish, it is not necessary to have to re-seal it.  On tables and such, we recommend the use of coasters to prevent rings that will occur with moisture or heat.